Terms of use/ distance agreement

Terms of use/distance contract/processing of personal data

By placing an order in the online store www.origanic.eu, in accordance with the first and second parts of Article 10 of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights, between you as a consumer and the owner of the online store www.origanic.eu Organic farm “Origanic”  as a seller, a civil law agreement or distance agreement is concluded contract.

This contract is concluded between the Organic company farm “Karotites” the number of registers: 40001017466, legal address: Tukums district, Irlavas parish, Sati “Karotites”, postal index: LV3137 Latvia – and buyers who purchase in the www.origanic.eu online store. Explanation of terms used in the contract: Buyer: In the sense of this Agreement, a buyer is a person who purchases in the www.origanic.eu online store. A buyer is a person who purchases without commercial purposes. If you are not a Buyer within the meaning of this contract, please do not make a purchase! Persons who wish to buy the goods offered for commercial purposes are invited to contact us by writing to the e-mail address: [email protected]. Distance contract: The contract between the Buyer and the Organic farm “Karotites” is automatically concluded until the Buyer has placed an order. By placing an order in the www.origanic.eu online store, you confirm that you are familiar with this “Distance Agreement” (from now on referred to as the Agreement) and fully agree with the terms of this Agreement. The contract imposes mutual obligations and responsibilities!

When placing an order in the online store www.origanic.eu, the Buyer receives an automatically generated order confirmation to the specified e-mail address. If the Buyer has not received the order confirmation from the online store www.origanic.eu to the specified e-mail address, please get in touch with us by writing to: [email protected] or calling: +371 26391100 to make sure that the order has been registered. On working days, within 24 hours after the order is confirmed, the Buyer receives a pre-paid invoice or comments on the progress of the order, or in cases of alternative offers of goods, if the ordered goods are not available, to the specified e-mail address.

All prices are quoted inclusive of any value added or other tax. Products are sold at the prices in effect when the order is created. The cost of delivery is included in the price of the product.

It is possible to pay for the ordered product by bank transfer to the account (after receipt of the invoice), bank card (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Visa Electron), or cash upon delivery.

4.1. Terms and procedures for order fulfillment depend on the payment and delivery method and the selected item. The order is delivered once a week by courier – on Fridays. Delivery is made on Friday of the same week until noon for orders from Monday to Wednesday. 18.00 Orders received from Thursday to Sunday are delivered on Friday of the following week until 18.00
4.2. The buyer is informed about the exact delivery time individually by e-mail or phone on Friday morning.

5. RIGHTS OF THE BUYER (including the right of refusal)
5.1. The buyer has the right to choose and purchase goods in the online store www.origanic.eu as a registered and non-registered customer.
5.2. The buyer has the right to choose any offered delivery methods.
5.3. During the delivery of the goods, the Buyer or the person designated by him, together with the representative of the eStore (courier), checks the shipment’s condition and compliance with the delivered goods with the order and the delivery accompanying document. If the buyer or the person indicated by him does not check the condition of the shipment, the package of the delivered goods, and (or) does not record the data on damage to the shipment following the procedure specified in this paragraph; the shipment is considered to have been delivered and made in good quality.)

5.3.1. The Buyer’s claims are considered unfounded if the defects that occurred as a result of the Buyer’s negligent attitude (e.g., mechanical damage);
5.3.2. If the Buyer exercises the right of refusal in case of defective or non-conforming goods, all expenses related to the return of the goods shall be covered by an organic farm “Karotites”.
5.4.1. The buyer has the right to cancel the order if “Karotītes” has not fulfilled the specified or cannot fulfill the desired terms of delivery of the goods.
5.4.2. The buyer has the right to cancel the order during delivery by returning the product to the courier. If the opt-out is not done at this point, it cannot be done later.
5.5. If the buyer has refused the purchase, 5.4.1. or 5.4.2. by the procedure mentioned in points, the money for the purchase is returned within 7 days to the buyer’s bank account (the same account from which the payment was made)

6.1. It is the buyer’s responsibility to familiarize himself carefully with the Distance Agreement and other provisions relating to the order, payment, delivery, and return of goods and to take responsibility for non- compliance with the requirements.
6.2. When registering as a www.origanic.eu customer, the buyer must fill in all the indicated fields.
6.3. The buyer is obliged to provide accurate information about himself when filling out the registration form and the form to be filled in when placing an order.
6.4. The buyer is responsible for the truthfulness of the information provided and for any legal consequences that may occur to one of the contracting parties in the event of giving false information.
6.5. The buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. Organic farm “Karotites” does not take responsibility for cases when the product ordered by the Buyer is not delivered to the buyer due to inaccurate information.
6.6. Prohibitions: Buyers and any other visitors to the www.origanic.eu internet store are strictly prohibited from copying, storing, archiving, and fully or partially publishing the photos published on www.origanic.eu, as well as republishing any information without reference to www.origanic.eu use any automated means to access the www.origanic.eu server information, collect, copy and otherwise obtain data about other Buyers; take appropriate measures to prevent or limit access to www.origanic.eu deliberately create a disproportionate load on the IT infrastructure of www.origanic.eu or interfere with the successful operation of www.origanic.eu post information that contains viruses or other technologies that harm the interests
and property of www.origanic.eu and its users. Organic farm “Karotites” will report the violation of the mentioned prohibitions to the relevant authorities and reserves the right to deny further access to the online store www.origanic.eu to a person suspected of violating the prohibitions.

7.1. Organic farm ”Karotites” offers its Buyers high-quality goods. In case of a defect, the organic farm ”Karotites” is obliged to refund the Buyer the value of the goods he paid and the costs of returning the goods.

7.2. Organic farm ”Karotites” offers its Buyers convenient delivery conditions. If organic farm ”Karotites” has not met the specified product delivery terms, organic farm ”Karotites” apologizes and gives the Buyer the right to cancel the order.
7.3. Organic farm ”Karotites” highly values the Buyer’s trust, therefore, undertakes to ensure a high level of personal data protection, as well as not to disclose the information provided by the Buyer to third parties without the Buyer’s consent.
7.4. Organic farm ”Karotites” works to ensure all information about goods, availability, prices, and delivery is correct and correct.
7.5. The products and prices in the online store www.origanic.eu are informative. Prices and product offerings are subject to change without notice.
7.6. The product’s appearance may differ from the catalog.
7.7. Organic farm ”Karotites” reserves the right not to process orders in cases where there are suspicions that the Buyer is not a Buyer in this contract and purchases goods for commercial purposes.

7.8 Organic farm ”Karotites” has the right to change and add to these terms and the contract. The changes came into effect from the moment of their publication on the website www.origanic.eu, and they apply to product orders made after the publication of the changes.

8.1. Disputes regarding the fulfillment of obligations are resolved through negotiations. The buyer has the right to use the possibilities of alternative dispute resolution by the procedure specified in the regulatory acts by submitting a written application to the organic farm ”Karotites” regarding the resolution of the dispute, stating:
1. Name, surname, and contact information.
2. The date of submission of the application.
3. Nature of the dispute, claims, and their justification.
The application should be sent to the e-mail [email protected]
The answer will be given within 7 working days.

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