“Karotites” – the place where the work calls the heart


The story of our farm began before we even knew it.


Liene, Rihards, and our children were typical city residents. We had grown up in the labyrinths of cities since childhood. We loved the city, and we worked there. Strādājām pilsētā. All our friends were in town. Our whole life was danced to the city’s rhythm, interwoven with the city’s light, and filled with sounds and possibilities.


However, deep within us was the dream of rural life. Once upon a time. In uncertainty.


Until one day, the inner voice woke – the heart began to thump louder; it hummed in the chest and called to go on a journey to see the countryside of Latvia.

“It was like in a movie. On a beautiful, sunny winter day, we drove up to the house “Karotites” on slippery, uneven roads. It was December 2015. The car was peaceful; the children were sleeping in the sun.


Richard and I got out of the car, and as we communicated only by eye contact and smiles, an indescribable feeling came over us. The feeling that we are at home. That day changed our lives forever.” – Liene & Richards.


Since 2015, by continuing to listen to the voice of the heart step by step, learning previously unknown rules of the game, making mistakes, learning from mistakes, not being afraid, and going further with courage in an utterly unknown direction, we have grown into the first farm in the Baltics that produces a unique, gentle meat bird, ensuring an entire breeding cycle. The chicken from the organic farm “Karotites” is our heart’s work and an extension of our family, which receives equal care, concern, respect, and love. We love our land. We love our work. We are proud of the products we can give to our customers.


And so, listening to the heart’s voice, the path of life leads us to the work of the heart.

What are we doing?

We raise chickens, love what we do, and bring us happiness.  

"Karotites" is an organic farm in the Irlava parish, Tukums district. The farm has raised chickens to produce organic chicken meat since 2015.We are an organically certified farm, meaning that the chicken feed is 100% organic, and its elemental composition consists of organic grains grown here in Latvia.We are proud of many regular customers who appreciate our product and recommend it to others!

How do we do it?

We aim to ensure the sustainable production of high-quality, healthy organic chicken meat (instead of the maximum output), protect the environment (including plants, animals, soil, water, and air), and ensure the highest welfare standards for chickens.

In addition, our chickens have a peaceful life—the less stress, the better the meat. We provide chickens with exercise, fresh air, healthy feed, and quiet living conditions. Our organic chickens go for walks daily in the new, enjoying sunshine and life in the meadow. Chickens have access to warm, spacious rooms providing them with enough space to run around and sleep.

Why Organic?

Gourmets are convinced - organic chicken meat tastes better. The taste is fuller and is impacted by what the chickens eat. 

Organic farm  "Karotites" chickens are fed with organic grains grown here in Latvia. The better and more natural food, the tastier the meat.In organic agriculture, no antibiotics, chemical treatments, growth stimulants, or other artificial substances are used, which are intended to increase the volume of production. You can be sure that our organic chicken is an entirely natural product. Organic chicken meat tastes clean, and thanks to the intensity of the taste, even a smaller portion is enough. The important thing is that chickens grow naturally, without being rushed, and therefore the taste of organic chicken meat is fresh, complete, and nuanced because the chicken has had time to grow and mature.

Where can you buy our organic chicken?

"Karotītes" organic chicken meat can be purchased in markets and the largest stores in Latvia (Rimi, Sky&More, Stockman, etc.). We deliver all orders on the website (min. amount of 30.00 EUR). Our organic chicken products are individually vacuum-packed, ensuring excellent storage quality.

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