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We invite all our existing and future buyers to look at the daily routine of our beloved organic farm, “Karotites,” and get to know our family!

We have started creating a video blog – for now, it is in English because we want to talk about ourselves to the widest possible audience, but we plan to add a video in Latvian as well. We hope the language barrier will not hinder the unique feeling of the organic farm “Karotites” captured in our videos. This is us – true, authentic, and loving our work!

5. Episode


Along with the “Karotīšu” family’s younger members, we go on a thorough investigation of the poultry house, where chicks and hens live. At the end of the episode, one of the main tasks of autumn is to prepare the fields for winter.

4. Episode


Have you seen our family of sheep?
In this episode, you can even see a sheep nursery! Click on the link and find out how we are doing in the summer.

3. Episode


In this episode, we will show how we prepare silage for the winter; Kaspars will move last year’s hay and prepare the fields for the grazing season.

The new ewe has arrived at the farm at the end of the video!

2. Episode


This video blog series will show you an exciting new project we’re building – aquaponics greenhouses. Aquaponics is an innovative method in which fish farming and gardening complement each other. Still, the emphasis is on growing vegetables without soil in water enriched with organic matter and nitrogen, which…

1. Episode



We want to peek into our family’s daily life, living on an organic farm! We are much more than organic chicken breeders, time to get to know each other!

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